Sunday, November 9, 2008

The US Election: A Canadian Perspective

No, we don't presume to speak for Canadians yet. :)

Generally we are hesitant to bring politics up much in this blog, as that is not its focus. Our previous entries (up to the one below this one) were mostly educational in nature (and there's more of that to come at some point), trying to illuminate our American friends on the structure of the democracy that Canada enjoys.

The milestone of electing America's first minority president, however, is something that just couldn't go unmentioned. It represents huge changes for the future in every sense of the term, and a huge shift in how the rest of the world view the United States.

One person in a strong position to comment on this from both inside and outside the US is veteran Canadian reporter Henry Champ , who is just retiring now after a lifetime of service to both the Canadian and US news networks. This essay on his experiences of election night reflects pretty well the view of the majority of Canadians, and I recommend it.


Anonymous said...

Hi, welcome to Canada, I glance at your blog now and then as I am also a dual citizen having been born in BC and lived in the US for a number of years... your blog is a very good read.... Anywho's, I found this particular link a good read as well but am forced to make a comment on the fact that as much as it's a step forward for the US, as is typical, when the US takes a step forward they take two back... I'll past below an email I sent to several friends....

Keep up the good work on the blog and we welcome you here with warm hugs (provided you left the things behind that make America the place we all escape from eventually) :o)

Email I wrote:

From: Jennifer
Subject: Ya can't say America isn't fair and balanced... one "half-black person's hopes and dreams" in, millions of gay's and lesbian's hopes and dreams out...

Where they giveth, they taketh away.... when the US takes one step forward, they take two back (or in this case several)... while blacks all over the world are celebrating in the streets at the thought of the first half-black President, Gays and Lesbians in several states are reeling from the loss of basic human rights.... a few examples below..

Note: A HUGE shout out to Arizona (one of my favorite places and my previous home actually) for going above and beyond by not only banning same sex marriage but also amending the state constitution to make sure it stays that way.... good on ya AZ.... stick to welcoming illegals killing all the cops (including two while I lived there, one I knew), you don't want any loving f**s or d***s in the state paying taxes do you?.

On November 4th, 57 percent of Arkansas voters decided that the state's 9,000 children in foster care are better off there than adopted by a gay couple.

California Prop 8: Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry (Passed)

Ellen DeGeneres 'saddened beyond belief' by gay marriage ban,26278,24611573-10388,00.html

Arizona voters have approved Proposition 102, which bans same-sex marriages and amends the state constitution to make it more difficult for supporters of gay marriages to change the law in the future.

Not totally blue: Fla. bans gay marriage

Ya can't say America isn't "fair and balanced"