Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I went whale watching today with a co-worker...

We had a great time even though we did not see any whales. We *did* see some beautiful scenery even though it was cloudy and grey, and we did see some wildlife. We saw lots of birds, a few harbour seals both in the water and on the rocks as well as a bunch of sea lions (mostly on the rocks but some in the water) so it was still worth it, even if I had paid to go. For those who did pay though, they can get a free trip in the future for up to 3 years from today as it is noted in the database that we didn't see any whales today. For me I can go free anytime (with a guest) because it is an agreement with my shop and the whale watching company since we work in the same building. Great benefit, eh?

My co-worker Julia and I went zodiac style. It was an exhilarating 3 hour ride not too unlike a roller coaster...a 3 hour long roller coaster. I had my camera only to realize at the last moment (ie on the boat) that my batteries were dead. :( Julia had her camera and took a few shots, which she should be posting to her facebook shortly...once she does I will link here. In the mean time, here are a few links to videos of seals and sea lions at Race Rocks. First, a few pictures.

Here is a picture of Race Rocks Lighthouse. Our sky was nowhere near as blue as it is here.

This is much like what we saw. Tons of Stellar Sea Lions. Lots of barking about too. With appropriate sky. :P

Stellar Sea Lions

Harbour Seals


Paul said...

Nice pictures! Was this on Vancouver Island? It sounds like you have a pretty fun job.

heddo said...

I should re-clarify, these are not my pictures...the batteries in my camera were dead, though the girl I went with took pics, she can't find the connector cord. And yes, this was on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Race Rocks lighthouse is west of us closer to Sooke. My job is in the same building with the whale watching group we went with. We have to wait as standby, but it is a pretty good perk. :)