Thursday, October 9, 2008

Talking Canadian

Chas and I caught part of this program, which was on the Knowledge Network (kinda like PBS in some ways), and I decided to see if YouTube had it, because frankly, it was as amusing as it was educational. I don't totally agree with the comparisons as some of them are based on more northern dialects, so I say things like cot and caught the same way as Canadians even though I grew up in America. Same goes for stocking and stalking. And it is not just me...a lot of people I know say it the same way. So I think some of it is inaccurate, or perhaps a little too stereotyped. Still, amusing and educational to watch. Oh, and one more in BC you're most likely to hear "hey" instead of its eastern cousin "eh" though I think this mainly holds true for native BCers...transplants still say "eh" but not nearly as much as back east.

Part 1

Part 2 (this has the part about the Newfies...the dialect of Newfoundland is, um...yeah)

Part 3 (this part has the bit about (or should I say "aboot"?) "eh")

Part 4

Part 5