Sunday, September 21, 2008

Radio Chas Presents: Crusty Old Wave (the Podcast!)

Not sure if I’ve mentioned to most readers that I have yet another blog project going ... a music blog called Radio Chas! Each week, we take a group or specific album, write about it, and includes a sample track in every entry! It’s like the prize that comes in your box of cereal!
The albums, groups and genres covered are as diverse as ... well, as diverse as my music tastes, since that’s what I'm writing about after all!
Of course, that's just one song at a time. If you want “the full monty” as they say, you might prefer the podcast of my old WPRK radio show, Chas' Crusty Old Wave!
We’ve just put the latest edition up, a cornucopia of name-brand 80s hits, so if you’ve been thinking of introducing someone to the show, this is probably a good starting point. The other episodes get weird from here ...
If you’re not using iTunes for some reason (burn the heretic!!), you can either download or listen (streaming) to the episode by clicking here.