Thursday, July 24, 2008

1st Birthday in Canada

Yesterday (July 23rd) was my first birthday in Canada, and thus I will use the occasion to switch my age to metric. Thus, I am now seven and three quarters. So nyah. :P

I share a birthday with many notable names, including my favourites: actor Arthur Treacher, author Raymond Chandler and Roxy Music's Andy MacKay. Actor Eriq La Salle and I were born on exactly the same day and year.

Other notable names born on that day include actors Philip Seymour Hoffman and Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe; American actor William Gillette, who found fame as the first really popular Sherlock Holmes on the stage a hundred years ago; Albert Warner, one of the Warner Bros.; the famed psychiatrist Karl Menniger; Elspeth Huxley, the English author; actor Michael Wilding; baseball legend Pee Wee Reese; Calvert DeForest, better known to the world as Larry "Bud" Melman; game show host Bert Convy; pitcher Don Drysdale; Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy; rascist radio host Don Imus; John de Hont, guitarist for Dutch bands ZZ and Masks; one-hit wonder David Essex; cricketer Graham Gooch; Theo Van Gogh (the film director, not the brother of Vincent); actor Woody Harrelson; musician Martin Gore; guitarist Slash; model Stephanie Seymour; country violinist Alison Krauss; comic actor Marlon Wayans, and finally someone listed on the inter-tubes only as "American Celebrity" Monica Lewinsky.


I'd like to thank those who sent cards, emails, presents or just "vibes" in my general direction, our Canadian pals Christian, Sarah, Sandy, Kathy and Gunnar for the surprises, and of course Heather for putting up with someone a mere seven-and-three-quarters (metric!) years old. For those of you wondering how old I am in Fahrenheit, and won't do the conversion, here's a clue: yesterday marked 16,801.5 days on this planet.

Of all the pictures taken of me, this one is still my favourite.


*Courtney* said...

Happy belated bday!!!!