Monday, June 23, 2008

Love the Warhol effect in Photobooth


Why am I posting a picture of myself a la Warhol? Because the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria is hosting Warhol: Larger than Life from May 30, 2008 to August 24, 2008. They had a showing of Chelsea Girls Saturday night at this place called Open Space downtown, just a short walk from our place. Unfortunately they had some sound issues which delayed the showing and since we were in the back (it was free...first come, first served, you know?) it was hard for me to see and hear it well so we left partway through, came out in bright 9pm, and walked the lower causeway around the harbour with scads of tourists doing/watching touristy things. It was neat. We haven't done much touristy stuff yet. We stopped for a little while to see the juggler/fire eater.

Anyhow, my point to posting this all is that I think it rocks that we have a Warhol exhibit. w00t!


chas_m said...

Oooh, cleavage! :)