Saturday, May 31, 2008

Greetings From Chicago

Yes, I took that shot!

Before you think "hey, their plane is flying awfully low," I should explain that this picture was taken from the 96th floor of the Hancock Tower. We went to the lounge there after a tapas-style Italian dinner. The bar reminded me of our apartment: kinda small and expensive, but oh man the view is "teh awsum!!1!" Thanks to Mark for getting us in to such a swanky place.

Our trip on the Clipper was every bit as nice as I thought it would be, the three-hour trip from Victoria to Seattle passed quickly. We then just had time for lunch with our pal Jenny before catching a crowded bus (so crowded in fact they didn't charge us for the trip!) to the airport to catch our flight to Chicago. It arrived a little late but we just barely managed to catch the very last train out of the airport (thanks, CTA staff!) into downtown (and around The Loop) before finally walking the last few blocks to our hotel, the Hampton Inn Majestic (and it is!). It's on top of a theatre in the heart of the theatre district. The show that's playing there is Jersey Boys, but sadly we won't have time to see it.

More to come.


Jim Donato said...

C'Mon, Charles! Fess up!! Didn't Douglas Trumbull take that shot - for Blade Runner??!!

Anonymous said...

That is a heck of shot..... very nice.