Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ha Ha, Suckers!

Yesterday was Tax Day in the US (Canadians have until April 30th). Being that we were living in the US for most of 2007, we of course have been working on our taxes for FY07, but it occurs to us that this is probably the last year we will have to do a "real" US tax return (since we're not giving up our citizenship, we'll still have to file returns in the US each year, but the amount will be trivial if anything from now on). It will be nice to know that I won't be helping fund the Iraq Debacle so much anymore.

Speaking of hotspots, a friend of ours named Sandy (not the veteran roadie-rockin' babe, a different Sandy) is off to Afghanistan on the HMCS Calgary (I had originally said "Regina," but that's her old ship). She is a "cookie" as she says and a naturally warm and upbeat flaming redhead (the one on the left in the picture) that will we miss until October when she returns. We wanted her to know (in case she gets a chance to read this) that we want her to stay safe and get back soon!

Anyway, be sure to tune in this time next year as I struggle to do our first Canadian tax return! Oh joy! :)