Sunday, April 27, 2008

Did a search on IMDB...

Here is the IMDB list of all films/movies filmed here in Victoria. I have only heard of a few of these. I actually saw "Bird on a Wire" like 1 or 2 days after hearing that parts were filmed here. I knew immediately when I saw the footage that it was here. The scenes in Racine, WI were the ones set here. I saw a glimpse of The Gates of Harmonious Interest, the main entrance to Chinatown, and during a chase scene they went down Fan Tan Alley (also in Chinatown). The police doing the chasing actually mention Fan Tan Alley by name, referring to where Mel and Goldie's characters had headed.

I think that "Little Women" had more time shot here...all the interior home shots were at Craigdarroch Castle and they used the exterior (and possibly the interior) of St Andrews Cathedral.

Makes me want to watch some of these to see what I can recognize from my new home.

Anywho, a new sci-fi film/mini series called Impact! just started filming here. Details are here. Kind of exciting, hey?


Anonymous said...

Hello from Salt Spring....

I hadn't realized that Victoria was also so widely used in TV and film. When we lived in Vancouver it was amazing how often we would recognize local landmarks in shows and movies that were supposedly set in any number of American cities. A few years ago Vancouver and/or Toronto were the 3rd busiest film locations in North America, after LA and NYC.

Vancouver (or Toronto) can fill in for NY, Detroit, or Chicago without too many issues, but I will never forget the scene - supposedly set in LA - that included the snow-capped North Shore mountains at the end of the city street, and not a palm tree in sight.

Usually, the clue that you are watching a Canadian city filling in for a US city are the blue USPS mailboxes. In scenes set on the street or sidewalk, watch the transit busses in the background that aren't part of the plot. Often they will still be in the host cities colours. If you see red modern street cars in the background, you are in Toronto. If you see mountains, often Vancouver (though sometimes Denver).

I don't know what to look for in scenes filmed in Victoria - what do you think?