Thursday, March 27, 2008

This Weather is BONKERS!

I took Heather in to work today, a nice sunny but briskly nippy morning.

It remained sunny all morning, though around 10am I noticed that a dark cloud front had materialised some distance north of us. Nothing out of the ordinary, weather changes fast here. Thought we might get some rain.

Starting about 11am, I would look up from my desk and notice that the cloud cover had obscured some of the farthest-away mountains.

11:15 - now everything beyond the city is gone in a blanket of fog.

11:30 - now everything beyond the Johnson Street Bridge is gone.

11:45 - now the harbour is gone. The fog is right on top of us.

Noon - it's snowing.

12:15 - it's snowing LIKE CRAZY! The kids are running out of the nearby school and yelling in delight. The Parliament building is still visible, but not much beyond that. Outside my window now is nearly all white fog/snow, like I'm living inside a cloud.

12:30 - storm over. Sun coming out. The mountains are still gone, but the city is back.

12:40 - fog moving east. Sunny and clear from due north westward. East side of town still hidden.



Anonymous said...

So it snowed there after I called you? Wowsa! Did you catch any of it with the camera(s)?

Jim Donato said...


We are accustomed to this weather since we also live in a rainforest climate very similar to the Pacific Northwest, actually that is also highly mutable! In fact the weather in western NC is so unpredictable, that is the reason why NOAA has their National Climactic Data Center, the world's largest active archive of weather data, located in Asheville.

So yeah. been there. Done that. I quickly learned to never leave my car windows rolled down in Asheville. And when we hike to the top of mountains or drive in the upper reaches of the Blue Ridge Parkway, you'll really see some constantly changing weather! It never stays still at those altitudes! Some of those nearby mountaintops on the Parkway have arctic zone climates and a completely different ecology there.