Thursday, December 6, 2007

Update time!

Sorry about the "radio silence," we've been very busy since our arrival trying to nail down a semi-permanent place to live and other mundane matters.

After looking at what was available in rentals in the last week of November, we decided to stay in a hotel for another month and get "better pickings" of available places starting Jan. 1. This turned out to be a very very good idea, we've seen several places we would gladly take up residence in but we've now got time to be choosier before committing. Rents here are higher than what we used to pay in Maitland (but we were the exception: we had the cheapest 1200sq place in town and we knew it!), but not out-of-line with what you'd expect in Orlando these days.

Speaking of which, watching the housing market implode is more fun from afar. I'm just sayin'.

Ideally we'd like a furnished two bedroom, and while we're wishing, a matching pony please. :)

We'll update everyone on our search when we have something solid to report, but other updates are coming Real Soon Now, I promise.

To make up for the week of no news, here's a lovely picture I took: