Saturday, December 8, 2007

Shocking, no?

One thing I have noticed since being on this side of the continent is a significant decrease in static electricity. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have shocked myself, and normally I get shocked a lot in winter. Maybe it is a result from having more frequent rain here this time of year, or perhaps, because we have been in a series of hotels, that the hotels have implemented some sort of humidifier? Maybe it is a benefit of the Pacific Northwest? Either way, I am happy. Still, I sometimes seem more apprehensive when pushing a metal elevator button or reach for a metal door handle.

Shocking in a different sense...the trip leading us up here was definitely challenging for me, both weather and wardrobe wise, but I have managed and survived so far, with only the addition of a few pieces of warmer gear. Actually, the way the weather was for us on the trip was perfect, because it gradually got colder, and then once we got to Fort Collins, it warmed a little, then Jackson was really cold (the coldest part of the trip thus far), then it got a little warmer in Boise and slightly warmer still in Portland, then a little cooler come Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria (all about the same weather). I think that it has helped me acclimate a little bit more to the cold.

Additionally, I have taken note on many things regarding cold weather. I made mental notes in all the places we were in of what the weather was, and how people in that city responded to it in the way that they dressed and such. I noticed a few things about myself and how I reacted to the weather, based on what I was wearing. One thing I noticed is that if I am indoors and fully dressed for a good few minutes, I build up heat pretty well and that carries me over outside for a bit. Trick with that is that I have to be active enough to help the heat stay, and that has not been too hard since we have done a fair bit of walking around cities. Naturally, sun and wind have their roles to play whether I curse the cold or not.

In general, I think I am adjusting a bit better than expected and have been proud of myself. Once my main box of winter stuff comes up from Seattle I will be really happy, though I still have my eye on this jacket or perhaps its slightly longer cousin. The jacket is allegedly warmer than it looks and therefore is the jacket of choice for sissies like myself. The rain coating would be useful here too. This one is supposed warmer and has a hood which is good for the periodic sprinkles and light rain that sometime have little warning, but is not as watertight as the other. And is a bit more casual than the other one too. I like them both, each for their own reasons. Ok, I will stop boring you all end the virtual shopping with me. :P

This little polar bear wants to go hibernate til morning. :)