Thursday, December 13, 2007

I miss Bright House Networks.

Really, I do. It sometimes got crazy with hundreds of people in queue, but we always got by, and were always applauded and rewarded for a job well done. There are a ton of really great people there. I can only hope to work with people like them here, at a job I like as much as I did Bright House Networks.

I have had a few basic face to face interviews and I have my resume in a few places, but Shaw, the local cable provider, is at the top of my list, although Westworld, a Macintosh dealer/repair shop, could actually be really beneficial for us for various reasons.

In other news, I went to an orientation for volunteers in anticipation of the upcoming Victoria Film Festival. If you volunteer at least 12 hours, you get free admission to 5 films. I anticipate that being a lot of fun, and may start doing office stuff in the upcoming weeks. I walked back to the hotel on my own, and that felt good. I have been walking around downtown both in the day and at night, to sort of test myself and comfort levels. Clearly I feel a certain extra amount of protection with my huggy bear by my side, but I think I am doing well so far. :)

Things seem to be shaping up a little here, bit by bit. Hopefully things will continue to fall into place as time goes by.


Helena said...

Look forward to every posting; thrilled about the Polish deli - yum. Thinking about you and Chas all the time and your "Go West Young People, Go West" new life.

CB said...

Good luck to you. I also work for Bright House and have the same experiences.