Sunday, July 1, 2007

In Honour of Canada Day ...

I bid you welcome to the opening of Crawling From the USA, a blog about loving and leaving.

Hi, I'm your host Chas. Welcome to what we hope will be an evolving blog about our experiences leaving the United States and moving to Canada. We will spend some time looking back on the factors that prompted the move, and detail what steps we're taking to accomplish it.

Once we're on the road (currently slated for Sept. 30th, 2007), we'll chronicle our road trip across this great land, starting from our home in Florida all the way to Victoria, British Columbia -- roughly 3,250 miles.

Once we arrive, we'll blog our experiences getting set up (finding jobs and housing) and our experience with immigration (which we hope will be instructive to others who are considering doing what we are doing). After that we'll probably get bored and stop. :)

I will probably be posting the majority of entries here, but my wife Heather may also contribute, particularly in the form of pictures or links to her LiveJournal blog.

We hope you'll check back periodically. We're happy to take questions from the InterTubes, but be aware that our mind is made up on this, so there's no point in trying to shift us off our plan. We already know what a great place America is. It's still a great place. We love it. In fact, we love it very much. See future entries for a detailed explanation of why we're leaving, but trolling or baiting commenters will just get shown the door. With that out of the way, on ... to Canada! Cheers!